... Aaron Kreidenweis (since April 2024)

Aaron Kreidenweis, pianist and singer, studied Bachelor School Music with a major in jazz piano at the Freiburg University of Music. He discovered his enthusiasm for choral conducting during his studies thanks to seven semesters of conducting lessons. 

Growing up in a musical household, Aaron began his first attempts at the piano at primary school age. He was particularly fascinated by free playing and improvised singing.

After graduating from high school in 2016, he went to Jamaica for three months with the organisation Musicians Without Borders. There, he gave music lessons at schools and enabled interested and financially disadvantaged private individuals to take piano lessons free of charge.


He appreciates his second subject of study, geography to become a teacher, because of the highly topical topics it deals with, such as the climate crisis and the prevailing social inequality worldwide. He strives to take up such society-related topics and to carry his thoughts to people with the power of music. Among other bands, he is part of the For Future Band, which performs at activist events of the For Future movement in Freiburg.

Aaron also directs the DaCapo Jazz Choir in Freiburg.


  What is important to him at the International Choir:

Fascination for the variety of musical genres that all together represent the music

Each style of music has its own emotional, content-related, musically unique message

Music that is fun as a common language between people of different cultures

At the same time, music has a significant influence on social change processes and can initiate and support them (e.g. We Shall Overcome during the Civil Rights Movement in the USA in the middle of the 20th century).



Previous choir conductors

- Ruth Schulze Wessel (Sept. 2020 - March 2024)

- Ansgar Rettner (2012 - July 2020)


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