The International Choir Freiburg introduces itself...                          "Songs are like bridges" 

In 2012, the above-mentioned project arose from the funding pot of the Bildungswerk Freiburg people from all nations who live in Freiburg sing together!


 In the meantime, the project has long since developed into a solid choir :-)


 We continue to bring people from different nations together across borders through music. We sing songs in all kinds of languages, rhythms, melodies and sometimes accompany them instrumentally. Songs from any cultural background are welcome to be introduced. First and foremost for us is the joy of singing, from solemn to lively. At the same time, we train our musical ear, learn to listen to each other and also like to do exercises for voice training.


 We are not an association, but organize ourselves. We make decisions by majority and grassroots democracy. Everyone is allowed to contribute equally, e.g. in the form of temporary working groups for planned performances, the annual choir weekend, etc. With this choir, we want to create a space free of any kind of discrimination.


New singers of all vocal ranges are very welcome!


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